Video: Andreas Costrau

For the 7th Sign Language Festival there is again a contest where you can win a "Golden Hand". Now it has another new category, too!

For the competition there are some categories:

  1. Children - single or group (up to and including12 years old)
  2. Youth - single or group (from 13 till to and including 20 years old)
  3. Adult - single or group (Sign Language performance or Sign Language, as from 21 years old)
Here you can apply for a participation of the contest.

More information:
  1. rules of the competition under "download" or in the movies "initiation, children, youth, adult, general"
  2. "standard business conditions"

Good luck!

You're welcome for the participation at the contest for the "Golden Hand" in Berlin.

You want to have more information or questions? Mail to

Translation: Kerstin Baake